Harvesting Hope

I was carting hay today and watching the dust billow up from the road where the huge C-Train’s have been carting the first grain harvested, to the bins in Esperance, thinking how lucky were we to have grain to harvest after this horrific start to this year.

I was chatting with a mate last night and where she is in Tassie, the spring has failed completely for the third year in a row.

There isn’t any surface water left and feed for stock, scarce. It’s like this in so many places across Australia.

My mum and dad haven’t had decent rains for six years and at Alice Springs where my aunty and uncle are, until this week, the drought had been on for about the same length of time.

Even though Esperance had a really horrible start — some of us were out of feed and water, and a lot of farmers agisted or sold a lot of stock, we’ve now got feed and some water.

Maybe not enough to get through the summer, but if there is hay in the stack and the stock are in good nick heading into summer. There is always hope and hope is about the most important word in the farming language!

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  1. The book looks pretty interesting Fleur and the website is pretty flash too!
    Good for you – we knew that you could do it, must be a few of Nanna Parnell’s
    genes that you inherited. Hope it sells like a bomb. Love from the Duncs.

  2. Hi Fleur,

    Second cousin Anne here from Gawler SA. Spent Christmas Day with Susan, Nathan & Barry and we had a great time. Hope that you enjoyed your day with Mum, Dad, Nicholas & Ellie with you. Have enjoyed having a look at your web site as per instructions from Susan and am drumming up business for my friends to buy your book.

    Don’t work too hard (Mum told me how hard you work!!)

    Take care



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