When we did the first edit for Blue Skies, we got to the part about harvest and Ali asked me to insert what a header was. Now, I’m sure most of you who jump on here to have a look know what a header is! But, just in case there are any city folk who haven’t seen harvesting, I’ve taken a video – it’s not the best quality, but you’ll see the dust, hear the roar of the engine and rustle of the dry stalks.

The dust is so itchy – especially in this variety of barley. If you accidentally walk through it when you’re unloading, you’ll tear yourself to pieces for the rest of the day!

As you’ll see from the background, we were harvesting as fast as we could before the thunderstorms hit again – that night the thunder was right over the top of us! But not much rain, although with the amount of lightening hitting the ground, we were grateful for the small amount we had – it was just enough to discourage any fires that thought about starting.

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