Heart stopping fun…

So the boss gave me a slight heart attack on Saturday night! Actually, it was rather a large one.

Happily getting tea ready, I was in the kitchen, enjoying a moment of peace, when my daughter came hurtling inside yelling that she needed her camera. Curious, I asked why.

‘Haven’t you seen the fire?’ she called back, disappearing into her bedroom.

It’s burning season, so I wasn’t particularly concerned, when I went to the window that she pointed to and peered out, into the darkness… Only to have my heart start to beat very fast, all of its own accord.

Down below the house, right next to the feedlot, that we only put lambs into that day, there was a raging fire. I raced to the door, trying to find my boots, so I could go down there and see if the boss needed help.

I couldn’t find my boots, so I ran to the front door, thinking they must be there, only to find my old battered RM’s, that I use to go to town in. I then realised that Hayden had obviously ‘borrowed’ them, while he went to clean out the water troughs.

I made a mental note to growl at him when he got back!

Somehow, as I practically fell out the front door in my haste to find the boss and see if he needed help, he was casually walking in the side door, looking for a beer.

‘Is everything okay?’ I gasped, then felt very stupid as he looked at me strangely. Of course it was all okay.

I should have known better.

We now have a very safe swamp and after watching how far the sparks spotted in the distance, I’m really pleased it was burnt in the cool of the evening, under our control and not by a thunderstorm on a 40 degree day.

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