Hearts in our mouths


Thunderstorms are not only impressive but their power is truly breathtaking. They are a reminder to humans: how we can’t control everything, (even though we try) and how much we are at the mercy of Mother Nature. As farmers during summer, we tend to be a bit wary of storms – especially if they don’t bring any rain.

Last night was a shocker for lightening and fires. From about 3pm we could see the clouds building and then heard the ominous sounds of rumbling in the distance.

As the day became night the flashes of lightening hitting the ground were spectacular… if you ignored the fact it was starting fires in the dry and brittle grass.

Before long we could see the red glows of fires in many different directions. The bush fire radio crackled to life and there was a hive of activity as the wind buffeted the fires along.

As with thunderstorms they are unpredictable, and some people racing to the fires couldn’t stay on the road due to the pouring rain! Thankfully, it helped control the fires quickly and before too much farming land was damaged although some of our friends lost crop and pasture.

No rain where we live and at 5am this morning it was thirty degrees. It’s looking like another day of thundery storms – hopefully without the excitement of last night.

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