Here’s hoping!

I hear rainbows have magic powers! Well, here’s hoping it can fix my garden! This was our view as I took the kids to the school bus last week.

A rainbow ends on my farm… that’s got to be good.  After all, they’re supposed to have a pot of gold at the end, aren’t they? I wonder what other powers they have and if there would be any chance of the glittery, shiny end of the rainbow helping the plants in my garden. Maybe if it was  somewhere between the lemon tree (that seems to have a strange leaf curling disease) and the rosemary bushes (that have a white fungus/moldy looking thing on them) it might be able to make them thrive again. Or, could its magic powers be so strong, that it simply just makes me like gardening?

Most people would assume that if you’re a good farmer, you’re a good gardener. I mean, the skills follow on from each other!  You would think it’s important that to be a farmer, that I was also a good gardener. We do grow crops and feed for stock and  that involves gardening skills. Even the words sound similar: farmer/gardener.  But nope, I think it’s safe to say that the love of gardening has bypassed me all together! My sister has it, as has my mum and Nana before her. Nana enjoyed both cooking and gardening; one of the things I remember as a child, were her beautiful white camellias growing on the verandah- a piece of paradise in a hot, arid environment.

Well, I got the cooking gene, but nothing else! My garden is doomed to be a blob of straggly plants around the house, while the paddocks flourish (when it rains) with green grass and four tonne crops!

I love nice gardens. I particularly love roses, nice lawns, Salvias and Snap Dragons. I just can’t seem to keep them alive. Within days of being home they, at worst, wither and die, at best they just look sick! And if it’s somewhere in the middle, the rabbits have eaten the tips off them. Humph!

Anthony’s favourite saying, when I bring seedlings home from town  is: ‘What victims have you got this time?’

I really do seem to have my ambitions and capabilities mixed up in this case

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  1. Hi Fleur, its funny you should say that… I too am a farmer, but cannot for the life of me manage a garden. My husband says I have a glyphosate thumb instead of a green one! I was once told that a woman has one excelling quality in the household. She is either a cook, a cleaner, a gardener or a lover. Myself, I think I am a cleaner!

    As for the rainbow, we would require rain for that! I hope you have a great season & the ‘crop fairies’ are kind!

  2. Your plants would need some TLC and some watering, methinks.
    Maybe you should fence your plants in too? Keep them out of harms way, so to speak.

  3. Oh, Julene, I’m the cook, I’m the cook! Can’t clean, can’t garden, sometimes manage the washing! I’m the cook – love creating yummy smells from my kitchen and wonderful food for the family to enjoy!

    Brigitte, they don’t need watering at the moment (it’s winter here and we have had some rain) but a fence wouldn’t go astray!!

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