Horrock's Pass

Horrock’s Pass

You know that feeling when you head back to your childhood home, where you know every corner and bump in the road and every sight is familiar? Well that’s what I’ve been feeling while we’ve been away on holidays.

Although it was a holiday, it was also a research trip for my next book Indigo Storm.

We made the trek across the Nullarbor (where I set Silver Clouds) with many music wars (try convincing a fifteen year old that 80s music is better than One Direction and 5SOS…) and photo stops. (There is always something different to see on the Nullarbor and it’s one of my favourite places).

I know I’m almost home when I hit Ceduna, but making it to Port Augusta, then winding our way through Horrock’s Pass and getting on to the Wilmington-Quorn road, before veering right to Carrieton, gives me goosebumps.

It was a freezing day – there had been snow in Orroroo during the netball and a mate’s status on Facebook said his whistle had stuck to his lips while boundary umpiring the junior footy match! As you can see the clouds were low and drifting fast across the hills.

Two little treasures

Two little treasures

It was so beautiful to met by these little treasures; my niece and nephew. Ned is always happy to see us, but Lexy takes a little convincing – she seems to be an old soul and is a cautious three year old!

However, as all good aunty’s must do, there were presents and “surprisingly” enough that help thaw her out!



Then there’s the obligatory selfie with the cousins.

The Creek

The Creek

My soul mending walks in and along the creek…


Fence lines

Checking out everything familiar. I’m sure this fence hasn’t changed since I was a little girl. The native pine grove in the back ground though, is thicker than it was when I was a kid. So many more places to hide from the parents now, than there was twenty five odd years ago!



Flash loves coming for walks with me. Actually, with anyone! We walked for miles; she did many more than I, as she chased the galahs and rabbits. Funniest thing I saw her do was when she spotted a roo that she wanted to chase, took off and head-over-heels into a huge water hole! She hadn’t seen it. Not that it stopped her, she got up, shook herself and kept going!

After a day with Mum and Dad, we headed to the snow – keep an eye out for that blog in the next few days.

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