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I’ve written before about the depth of my South Australian roots. They are especially entrenched on the station that has been in my family since the 1800s.

It’s hard to describe how much the landscape is burned into my soul: the old ruins, the creeks that criss-cross the land, the ‘casha’ or Acacia trees that are exactly the same colour as the kangaroos, and the enormous gum trees which must be hundreds of years old with trunks so large that three people couldn’t get their arms around them.

I find the timelessness of the Flinders Ranges incredible.  Even though it’s the same age as where I live in Esperance, our country was only cleared and settled in the early 1950s, so it’s still young.

In the mid-north of South Australia, I can see and touch the history: the ruins, the broken old sheepyards etc. The trees that lace the creeks are the same ones my great-grandfather would have looked out on, and the Ranges still catch the sun and glow pink and red the way they would have in the early 1900s.

Some might say I feel so strongly because I grew up there, and others might say it’s because I don’t live there any more.  Whatever the reason, these photos will have to be enough for me for the next year or so.

You can see more photos of my trip here.

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    1. Funny you should say that, these photos are only about an hour and half away from where McLeods Duaghters was filmed! And Purple Roads is based in the Spalding/Clare area where it was filmed.

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