Hot, hot, hot…

Thomas River after a 45 degree day

I’m not sure if I’ve ever told you all, but I am NOT a summer girl! I don’t do heat and at the whiff of a 35 degree day, I promise myself I will shift to Tasmania.

Yesterday it was 45.6 degrees on our verandah. In the bloody SHADE!

I can’t tell you how ‘ugh’ that was!

I love winter – you can always put more clothes on if you’re cold.

Howling northerly winds and a heat that bakes everything we’ve left outside, is not conducive to comfortable living. Especially if you don’t have air conditioning.

But… when you live as close to the coast as what we do, there is relief in sight! At about 5pm yesterday afternoon, we headed to Thomas River. There were a few locals down there, kids running around in nothing but a pair of shorts or bathers, the footy was being kicked, BBQ’s sizzling and the beer was open.

We were a bit late in getting to down there and I missed some fabulous sunset photo opportunity, but the consensus between the boss and the eldest daughter was, they weren’t stopping so mum could take photos of a sunset… They wanted to get to water, get their feet wet and cool down.

Reflections of the day


Although we didn’t catch any fish, it was a great way to refresh after one of the worst days I can remember for a while.

I love the way the twilight reflects on the wet sand and the stars just seem so clear as the sun sinks.

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  1. Was a beautiful arvo down the beach and the water was so refreshing. Had to laugh at rochelles face when the footy went sailing over the ute though so shocked until she realized who it was then the big grin and wave appeared lol classic

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