How do you read?

Reading has always been my escape. It’s not often I walk out the front door without a book, just in case I get caught behind a mob of slow moving sheep or I’ve got a spare five minutes waiting for a truck.

I can read most places – in a busy cafe, noisy sheep yards or sitting in my car waiting for the school bus. And I have books stashed everywhere, so I’m never without one.

I’ve done a quick run-around to find where I’ve got books, just waiting for me to read. Ready? *takes a deep breath* “Next to the lounge chair and the loo, in my ute, in Anthony’s ute (behind the seat so he doesn’t know it’s there!), in the tractor I was driving a few days ago. There’s one in my handbag and two in the case I took to Perth last week. I’ve also got The Secret River on CD in the car, so I can listen to it while I’m driving.” They’re everywhere and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Guess it’s pretty obvious I don’t read one at a time – I can pick up a storyline easily, even if I haven’t held the book for a few days. I’m not faithful to one book!

What about you? Where do you have your books and how do you read? One at a time or do you many on the go at once?

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  1. Oh same. I have about 3 started beside my bed. My main one in my handbag in case, yep get caught in traffic. Am guilty of reading at traffic lights (with the ones I CANNOT put down) and yep, something in the loo to read. xx

  2. I like to read one book at a time, as I like to get caught up in the story. I do however have two or three waiting on the bedside table (from the library) and then three or four waiting on my bookshelf!

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