Hungry Cows!

Our cows are pretty clued in and knows what happens on our farm, almost before we do!

They are an indication of what’s happening with the weather. If they are camped up, sitting as far away from the south as they can with their backs in that direction, you can guess there is going to be a change from the south. If they’re out eating before dawn, it’s an indication that the day might be hot. There’s lots of little things that you learn to notice.

If we start the tractor up, the girls know it’s feed time. They’ll wait at the gate until it’s their turn. I open the gates and drive in and they follow – never trying to go out of the paddock – just following the hay.

Before I’m out of the tractor, they’re trying to eat it! They completely ignore me while I’m cutting the net-wrap off and putting in the pins so I can roll it out! That’s something I love – them not taking any notice of me!

There are times I can reach out and pat these huge, ‘wild’ animals, in the paddock and she just usually regards me quietly, while chewing on a mouthful of hay.

Love my girls!

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