Identity Crisis

Silver Clouds

Finding a good title for a book is really important to me – it’s a bit like naming your child, or character.

I’ve lived with the title Silver Gums for probably about three years and I got a horrible shock when my publisher mentioned it wasn’t going down a treat, over in the Allen and Unwin offices. It was clear most people were keen to change it.

Gah! Silver Gums was having an identity crisis!

I asked why it wasn’t liked. There were two reasons.

1) They weren’t sure about the authenticity of gum leaves being silver. (That myth was fixed pretty quickly by emailing a few photos of the mallee trees from around here. Their leaves glow silver in the moon/car light).


2) They didn’t like the way ‘gums’ went with ‘silver’.

So it was time to put the old thinking cap back on… In the end it was voted that SILVER CLOUDS should be the replacement.

Now, on the cover of this next book (which will be out in April next year) will be SILVER CLOUDS.


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  1. I also liked Sliver Gums … thinking along the line of gost gums or tree shedding bark leaving fresh glittery new bark exposed and as you said the glimmering in the moonlight or covered in dew or frost or snow … anyway enough on that. I tend to buy by the author’s name anyway so I can’t wait to see it on the shelf.

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