I’m cheating…

I’m cheating today. As much as I would love to write a witty, exciting blog for you, I just can’t! This week hasn’t gone according to plan, with a horrible, horrible gastro bug hitting me (and I’m praying only me, not the rest of us) and my edits for the “Novel Previously Known as Silver Gums, but as yet Without a Title” have come back.

Hay making and shearing have finished, but we are about ten days away from swathing the canola, so things are about to get very hectic.

So, today I’m cheating and I’ve pulled out some of my favourite beach photos. I really hope the soundtrack doesn’t make you rush to the loo!

Most of these photos were taken at our local beach, Thomas River. Have you ever visited? If not, where is your favourite beach to hang out at this time of the year?

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