In the Pink


Aren’t mates great? Bemoaning the fact I was struggling with parts of my second novel, one of my mates actually listened to me (!) and sent through a survival pack that included this wonderful pink boa pen!

I can’t wait to start editing with it to see if it will tickle my nose… or wake me up when I start falling asleep after burning the midnight oil!

I’m just going to have to make sure that my nine year old, Rochelle, doesn’t pinch it – it’ll be right up her alley!

It’s fantastic to be able to look at something like and smile, knowing that you’ve been thought of.

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  1. Fleur so excited you’re finally holding your third baby in your hands!! It must be a great feeling. Enjoy that feeling as you have definitely earned it. Congrats!! xx

  2. Glad you liked the Prezzie! Thanks for the other snap on the email. Will be back from my own planet novel next week so I hope to catch you then!
    Rach xxx

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