Inland vs Coastal Kids


I reckon there’s a huge difference between inland and coastal kids, when it comes to being comfortable at the beach! Growing up far from the sea, I barely knew what a live fish looked like let alone tasted like.

I knew they smelled, and Mum ordered it most times we went out to tea and I didn’t like them, but I’d never felt or touched one.

Never really wanted to. And I still don’t. I like sitting on the beach with a book and a glass of wine or beachcombing.

But my two … Hayden and Rochelle love their fishing! Hayden is his Dad’s right hand man when it comes to catching the big ones.

He’ll be there handing Anthony the bait, winding in the rod if dad say’s it okay and he will sit for hours, not moving, watching the top of the rod to see if there’s a bite. He takes his job very seriously!

Both kids have no problem in touching or playing with the fish and love teasing me with them before they throw them back. Once an Inlander always an Inlander! But these two will always love the beach and what goes with it!

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