Yesterday we had a heap of cows in the yards. We were preg-testing and giving them their booster needles.

On the way back to the paddock with them I stopped at a line of trees, interested in why the bark was falling off one of them. It didn’t seem to be sick in anyway.

I was intrigued by the colour and pattern under the bark. So this funny photo of the tree trunk, looking towards the sky!

Many of these trees are over fifty years old and were planted along fence lines to mark boundaries and to offer shelter for stock. Sugar Gums and Tuarts (the main ones that have been planted) often lose their limbs in big winds and as annoying that can be, if they fall on a fence, they make lovely fire wood in winter!

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  1. I love big gum trees we have a flowering red gum in our yard that I planted not long after we moved here but unfortunatley it is dying and has to come down I will really miss it and the loriketts that love to sit in it and make lots of noise.

    Have Fun

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