For those of you who have been visiting me for a while, you’ll probably have a good idea of   my family and me. For those of you who haven’t, I thought it might be time to reintroduce ourselves!

I’m Fleur. Mum, farmer, writer. In about that order! I grew up in the mid-north of South Australia and my heart still lies there.

I’m the daughter of an incredibly loving mum and dad, who ran a huge fuel distributorship, covering about a quarter of Australia. For you bushies out there, you might know the name Parnell Transport Industries or Parnell Mogas? Or seen trucks travelling outback dirt roads with Parnell emblazoned all over the tankers? Well, I’m one of those Parnell’s.

I love writing and I love the agricultural industry. I’d love to think I can bring a piece of our world into the lounge rooms of people who haven’t experienced it, through my writing, this blog and my photos.

I also have a new book coming out in April, called Crimson Dawn.

I’m married to a gorgeous man, who I call ‘The Boss’.


intro2This is The Boss. A smart farmer, who has incredible foresight, loves cows, puts up with sheep (because that’s what makes the money) and has a passion for genetics. There’s not much this bloke can’t do. (I haven’t said this with rose coloured glasses on. It’s actually true.)



Together we have two beautiful kids. Number One Daughter, has a wicked sense of humour and loves music. She’s also very good at writing poetry, but this isn’t something she admits to!



Number One Son, has a newly found love of fishing (his father also does) and wants to be a police officer. He also has autism and this is something I write a bit about on my blog.


The last integral part of the family is this dog. Often referred to as The Jack Russell, the dog, Stinker, Mr. Sniff-a-lot-icus or his real name, Rocket. Life doesn’t work properly if he’s not involved in it!

I’d love to hear about your family – leave me a message in the comments, tell me all about yours.

There’ll be more intros coming up soon!

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  1. Great little bio clip Fleur, describing you all so well. I absolutely LOVE Rocket. What a little personality. Glad I know you all
    Chris xx

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  2. Well I have just found you, and read your snake story yesterday. I am mother of three, stepmother to one, grandmother to one, have two dogs, a partner, a nursery and I bookkeep (blah) part time for a living. Live in far north Qld, last son just finished school in November (yooo-hooo), so now it is apparently time for me to ‘find’ myself. I don’t actually feel lost so I may have to work on that one, however I plan on doing lots of art classes online this year so maybe I’ll find myself there. Look forward to getting to know you, and by the way, we have 4 meter scrub pythons up here with a penchant for my Rhode Island Reds! Cheers

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      Well, you can keep your 4m pythons, Fiona. I think our tiger snakes, dugites and death adders are more than enough for us to deal with!

      I hope you enjoy your art classes and new found freedom.

  3. I ‘m Jahanjir father and Govt.service holder Assistant Engineer (Electrical) live in Dhaka capital of Bangladesh work at Chittagong city once upon a time there was boarder of Australia now sea . My father late he was a officer of govt. administration and my mother is very old live in Tangai near to Dhaka my birth town.
    I like and love nature,reading book,face book,travel and work on environment and peace of every where .My wife house wife she like to cock very well,read novel book but not interested in face book.
    My only good son studying ACCA final year and only sweet daughter studying Architecture 1 St
    year 2 Nd semister .
    And one Piku she is sweet cat. This is our family.
    Thank you.

  4. I’m a widowed mum to one almost teen half PNG boy. I grew up on a sheep/oat/wheat farm in Western Victoria (near Ararat as currently featured on the Biggest Loser). My parents moved us to Northern NSW to a sheep property at the start of my Year 12. I attended a rural uni before doing some fruit picking in QLD. In the meantime my parents moved out to a sheep station west of Bourke. I did a stint out there as a Governess and working in the local pub on weekends before returning to uni to complete a business degree. I then spent some time in Sydney. When my husband passed away I returned to the same town in Northern NSW where I did year 12, so my son could grow up in the country. My parents live back here now too, and my brothers still run the property out west. So my Aussie family is close. Unfortunately we rarely get to PNG (a place I fell in love with the first time I visited), but we keep in touch online. The other member of our family is a cat called Trixie who has her own Facebook page. She is very cheeky and full of personality – she often steals out iPods or phones or turns on the computer!

  5. I’m a SAHM who is also an independent consultant for Body Shop at Home. I cook, clean, repair and love for a hubby who’s 2IC on a sheep and wheat property. We have a 7 month old beautiful daughter who is very cheeky! We have three red and tan Kelpies – Mocha the matriarch who is 11yrs old and recently retired due to injury, Red the Boss Dog who is 5 this year and Shy, a 10mth old girl. She’s WKC registered and we are very excited to see what she can do.

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  7. Live in Qld. I am a retired primary teacher, married to a retired primary principal. We occasionally still talk shop. I grew up in a family of 7 kids – only 4 of us left now. I am mother to 3 boys and 1 cat, granny to 2- one of each. We love to go on driving holidays and have managed to see many parts of Aus, except NT. I love looking after the littlies and do so often, even though it limits our chances to holiday. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

  8. Hi Fleur,
    This year is a very exciting year for my family as our oldest son is to be married in November.My daughter has moved closer to the city as she had a 3 hour commute to work everyday living at home . My husband travels a lot with his work so am getting the freedom to travel with him more often these days . Have already been to Sydney so far this and explored more the outer city Blue Mountains Watsons Bay while my husband was working in the city . Loved the Blue Mountains and want to return their one day :).My husband through his work has been fortunate enough to take us the children and I to different areas of the globe .
    I am very grateful for all the opportunities that i have had in my life since i got married, (30 years ago this year) .
    As i had a very dysfunctional beginning with my family of origin . Alcholi sm gambling physical abuse
    and a range of other issues . My Mother and sisters and i escaped while dad was at work one day . We moved to a secret location through the church and welfare but was found by our father . We moved to a property where we had goat and a sheep to help with the garden the local army boys used to come over with the lions club to help maintain the property .We had nothing .Then problems only got worse as i got older mum became addicted to prescription drugs and became an alcoholic mental verbal and physical abuse ran riot we were monitored by welfare but our problems were well hidden . They had no idea .Two of my sisters and i were interfered with as children . We were totally isolated as children away from the city no car. No money no extended family . My two elder sisters ran riot parties while Mum was at work sharpies drinking vodka in the house while my other sister smoked weed in the garden with her surfie friends . my little sister and i had nowhere to go mmmAs our family grew up with not a single penny from our father we all went our separate ways. My eldest sister was put in larrundel Physc hospital for a breakdown at 18 my other older sister moved to Nim bin now there a story there too. my younger sister moved to Noosa . MUm was also in and out of hospital leaving my younger sister and i in the care of foster parents at times during my adolescent years . Mum moved in with her boyfriend and left me to pay the rent of the home i had no job
    It took many years for the medical profession to diagnose bi polar in my mother. My eldest sister moved to england when she wasn’t well enough to start a new life mmm. My second eldest sister got heavily into the hippy lifestyle in Nimbim .My eldest sister now has bipolar my second eldest sister will not get diagnosed but she has had symptoms of bi polar and pychcosis i could go on … I find it very had now to have anything to do with them now my mother and sisters are so ill except for my youngest sister we have a kind of relationship i try to help her with our mother when i can but it sends me into a spin … I am grateful for my husband he was my Knight in Shinning armour so to speak and showed me there is a different way to live although we have had our problems .I have done the best i could in raising my two now young adults and have kept my family together as much as i could during our journeys through life together .I just hope that is enough and i know that relationships always are a work in progress theres so much more i could say but i won’t . Thank you for the opportunity to tell you a little of my story .

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