It’s only one month out…


It’s one month out…

Christmas Day!

Does this line make you want to scream? (And yes, I know, harvest has barely started!)

My local supermarket has been decorated with tinsel and Santa’s for the last three weeks – much to my horror. Has anyone got ANY idea HOW much I have to do between now and Christmas? I’m sure you’re all the same.

People seem to need so much more from everyone at this time of the year. Just like this:

Teachers: ‘We’ve got the end of Christmas party, can you please supply a plate?’

Teachers: ‘It’s the School concert, can you please supply a plate?’

Kids: ‘Mum, can we go to the Christmas pageant?’

Older Parents: ‘Christmas lunch needs to be at your house.’

Friends: ‘Christmas party, pub, like, tonight…’

The dreaded Christmas present shop… What to get everyone, do you put a price limit on so on and so forth.

We all live in such an instant society, I think the Christmas Wish List we had when I was a kid, is a thing of the past. Especially when I ask my kids what they want and they can’t tell me of anything – they’ve got it already.

I always had a standard Christmas Wish List. It consisted of… wait for it, I’m sure you’ll die of shock!

Books and Earrings.

True! That’s all I ever wanted. Father Christmas would load my sack up with around four or five books every year, plus a few little incidentals like blank tapes so I could record music from the radio (yes, that’s showing my age isn’t it!) Then under the tree would be a small parcel that contained earrings.

*Sigh * Happiness abounds!

I’m still really easily pleased – books. Although I have so many earrings now, I don’t need any more!

My Christmas wish list is the new Michael Connelly and Lee Child books. Do you have books on your list?

The best thing about books, as any mum will know, is they don’t require batteries.  There for they don’t make any noise.

Now there’s a whole different topic! Am I the only one who, when my kids were small, went to the shops before the big day and bought different types of batteries in anticipation of the noisy, ridiculous presents that people WITHOUT kids give to our children? The kids have a fabulous time ripping off the wrapping before ending in tears because there are no batteries with the present and it can’t make as much noise as it has the potential to…

It’s no wonder that by the time Christmas afternoon comes we’re all exhausted!

It will be the first year in five years since I’ve celebrated Christmas day with my brother. I really can’t wait. Are you doing anything special?

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