Jack Frost comes to visit!

I grew up with frosts covering our front lawn, frozen pipes and it being so cold in the mornings that it was 10am before our fingers and toes warmed up, but in coastal areas it’s quite unusual to have a frost.

This is what we awoke to on Saturday morning! We were on our way into Esperance for footy when we saw old ‘Jack Frost’ sitting on the side of the road! Now my kids have never seen a frost, they’ve only heard their Nana talk about it, so they were keen to get out to have a look and touch!

Frosts aren’t good for the crops. If they happen during the flowering stage (that’s when the plant sets its potential) it will effect the yield. At the moment though they’ll dry the plant out and slow the growth down, but it’s much better to have them at this time of year, than around September when the plant is flowering.

We heard on the news later that night it was the coldest night on record – Norseman (inland from us by about two hours) had got down to -5! I hope everyone’s fires were kept going that night!

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  1. brrrrrr that is cold! but I daresay it would have been another display of mother nature at her best … leading to another beautiful day in Esperance! blue skies eh 🙂 I do hope though ol Jack Frost didn’t affect the sheep in the area and stays away for the rest of the year.

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