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It’s been warm on the South Coast of WA recently and I sent Rochelle out to let the dogs off the chain so they could have a run under the sprinklers and cool off.

She came running back into the house yelling there was a Racehorse Goanna up the wall!

Not really believing her, I grabbed my camera and headed out to have a look! And there it was, up the wall, in the shade, taking a break from hunting!

Goanna’s always race to the highest point they can find if they’re scared and I’m not sure if this fella has been scared up the wall or if he was chasing something to eat (like a mouse) that ran up there.

Anyway, however it happened, I hope it moves on soon. I wouldn’t like our dogs to come across it!

Just look at the way it’s claws hold on… amazing! They could seriously hurt of kill a dog, human or anything if they mistook you for a something safe and ran up you!

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