Lamb anyone?


I love Australia. It’s in my nature to be very patriotic! When the strains of ‘I still call Australia home’ or Advance Australia Fair ring out, I get goosebumps!

I love our beaches, our cities and I ADORE our country areas – hopefully that comes through in my writing.

I’m grateful that we are able to celebrate our wonderful land and it’s people, because there are plenty of nations who can’t.

But, really, what does Australia Day mean? Is it just another public holiday? Another excuse to head to the beach and have a few coldies? I’m not sure we Aussies need one, I’m pretty good at doing that without needing a ‘special’ day for it!

To me Australia Day is about celebrating our good fortune to be living here. To recognise that we are free, thanks to many Australian men and women who fought for this land. To welcome new Australians. To celebrate incredible Aussies who have achieved greatness for our communities and nation.

And it’s about eating lamb.

Yes, I am a lamb producer! And we get lamb ready for you all, every week, but most importantly, on Australia Day. I wrote this blog early last week about how we get them ready.

If you buy lamb from Woolworths in WA, you might be eating our lamb this Australia Day.

We won’t be having lamb chops, but a lamb roast, cooked in the weber, on our deck, sipping a couple of coldies.

What will you be doing?




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