Lambing and Shelter


Our ewes lamb from April through until early August. It gives us a range of ages and therefore we’re able to send lambs off at different times of the year. It spreads the risk and cash-flow!

Lambing during winter can have its downfalls ifs a particularly strong cold front come through and there are lots of tiny lambs.

But, even with this, these five months are the best time to lamb. It means they grow up on green grass, mum milks better and they have a better start of life.

This bush is where the ewes are able to take their lambs when the cold southerlies blow and the rain falls. They can get in amongst the tree’s and hide behind these piles of mallee roots – the root system of this bushy tree that you can see.

We’re lucky to have a huge amount of bush on our farm. The McDonald’s have owned this farm since it was cleared and being stock people, shelter is extremely important for our animals.

There is also a river system running through the middle of the farm, so it wasn’t and never could be, cleared for fear of salt. Our early settlers were really clever people.

Blue Skies is based around early settlement of Esperance – around the 1930’s and I talk quite a lot about clearing the land for farming use.

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  1. loved the book, red dust, can not wait for your next one. we live in the riverland in south australia where a lot of people are stuggling because of the drought all we can do is pray it rains. regards kathy

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