‘Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again…’

Do you recognise it? it’s the first sentence in the book Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier. I read this book when I was about 16 and I remember loving it. Loving it!

The classic novel, Rebecca

The classic novel, Rebecca

Of course, it is one of the ‘classics’. For me, it was up there with the Bronte sisters and some of those beautiful, old tales.

Isn’t funny how you often remember thing differently from when you were younger, to your age now?

I’ve just finished listening to Rebecca on audio book. I’ve been doing a bit of driving and have enjoyed being read to, over the long hours. Rebecca is nothing, NOTHING like I remember it. It’s dark. Very dark. And nothing like the love story I had convinced myself it was.

I now have two questions. SPOILER ALERT, for if you haven’t read it.

1. The last line of the book, spoken by Max De Winter, goes something like: ‘I shot her. I killed Rebecca. Do you still love me now?’

Whoa! If I was the second Mrs De Winter, I would have had an issue with that statement, wouldn’t have you?

2. I now wonder, if Mrs Danvers had her suspicions about Rebecca’s death. Was she trying to torment Max, through the ‘ball gown incident’? Did she think that Max murdered her beloved ‘My Lady?’

Anyway, for those of you who have read it, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I’ve now downloaded Jamaica Inn…

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  1. Let’s look at question number 2 first. Mrs Danvers knew that Rebecca was very contemptuous of Max. Remember when she rabbited on about how she used to brush Rebecca’s hair and Rebecca would tell her to brush harder and harder, and they would laugh and make fun of all the men in Rebecca’s life, how weak they were, how strong she was, etc? Mrs Danvers and Rebecca had something in common ~ they were both very cruel people. Mrs Danvers popped Rebecca into that costume because she was mean. Because she wanted to torment Max. Taunt him.

    Did she think Max killed her. You know, orginally, I didn’t think so. Pondering it, I had second thoughts. Rebecca would not have run off and left her Danny. So she probably did suspect this…

    When the boat was raised up, she thought she had her proof. You are probably right about that.

    The second Mrs. DeWinter had been tormented by Mrs. Danvers just as Max had been tormented by Rebecca. In that torment, they understood each other. She had such a pathetic life, nothing at all to go back to. So of course she stayed, and she loved him like a puppy loves its master.

    1. I forgot…there was only one other man, right? And Mrs. Danvers loved him…he was related to her, right?

      I need to go back and re-read that book. I’ve got it somewhere.

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        There was a cousin, Debby. I must have listened to a shortened version because there is a few things you mention there , I don’t remember. I might have to go and get the book. I think you’re right though, both Rebecca and Danny loved to torment. Even the simple man who lived down at the boat shed, Rebecca was horrible to.

  2. It’s so long since I read this book Fleur so I can’t help you with your questions. But thanks for reminding me about it – and the audiobook is a great idea for driving. Might do the same. I’d completely forgotten about Jamaica Inn but I remember loving both these books when I read them many years ago.

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      Jamaica Inn is my favourite, Pamela.

      As for audio while driving – it’s THE BEST THING! I’ve got these snazzy little headphones with a mic in them, so I just plug them in to my ears, set the phone talking and listen. Of course, then if the phone rings I can answer it and talk, without taking my hands off the wheel, because of the mic.

  3. Oh, I recently reread it too, Fleur. I remember LOVING it when I was younger but this time I was disappointed. I found the narrator so spineless she was irritating and when Max tells her that he murdered Rebecca her reaction which is basically all ‘What did it matter whether I understood him or not? My heart was light like a feather floating in the air. He had never loved Rebecca.’ just infuriated me!

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    YES! The voice annoyed me too. Jamaica Inn has been incredible to listen to. The narrator is brilliant and brings all the characters to life. But my Lord, it’s sooooo dark. But sooooo good!

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