Launch Day

Silver Clouds by Fleur McDonald
Silver Clouds by Fleur McDonald

Well, launch day is finally here. I’ve got no idea where the year has gone already! It only seems like yesterday I was struggling to finish the last round of edits, waving good bye to my daughter, who was leaving home and twiddling my thumbs (only for a moment or two) wondering how I was going to cope!

Realistically, Silver Clouds has now been out and about for four days and I’ve seen many instances of it on the shelves. I love it when people post photos to my Facebook wall, like they’ve been doing.

There is a few reviews starting to trickle through and I’m relived to say (so far) it seems to have been received well. You can read a couple of them herehere and here. (Although please be aware this last link contains SPOILERS).

If anyone is floating around Condingup tomorrow for the Condingup Community Fair (it’s our major fundraiser for our local primary school) I’m signing book at 11:30am, 12:15pm and 2:15pm.

We are doing a sort of “Willy Wonker gold ticket” raffle giveaway, so there will be a few free books floating around.

Until then, I’m off to check my heifers…

New born calf
New born calf

We now have about thirty of these precious little bundles running around and playing in the paddock. I can’t tell you how nice it is to have green grass for them to be born to.

Hope to see some of you today!


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