Life defining moments with music

Kim Wilde had music in the Top Ten during 1987


Do ever feel you can define your life with songs? I do.

During earlier posts, I’ve talked about my love of music and how is it a huge part of my life. What I’m really interested in is what music makes your world go around?

I went to Boarding school from 1987 to 1991. After a bit of research I’ve found the Top Ten hits for each of those years and I thought it would be fun to do one year each week for the next few weeks.

1987 saw us listening to (these are the Top Ten for the year)

  1. Locomotion – Kylie Minogue
  2. La Bamba Los Lobos
  3. Old Time Rock and Roll – Bob Segar
  4. Silce of Heaven – Dave Dobbyn
  5. Respectable – Mel and Kim
  6. Keep me hangin’ on – Kim Wilde
  7. Walk like an Egyptian – The Bangles
  8. Electric Blue – Ice house
  9. Boom Boom Boom – Paul Lekakis

10. The Final Count Downdown – Europe

It was also the year that saw Bon Jovi rockin’ us all with Livin’ on a Prayer and Angry Anderson crooning ‘Suddenly.’

Okay, how many of these songs do you still hear on radio? I reckon about five. My favourite out of all of these is Electric Blue. I can still remember being in this HUGE dormitory with thirteen girls and crying myself to sleep at night listening to Electric Blue – not because the song was so bad, but because I wanted to go home!

Who could forget the hair and make up on Europe as they rocked the stages with The Final Coutdown? And has anyone ever heard of Paul Lekakis again? (that thought is a little bit like Collette and her song ‘You can ring my bell) Serious head-desk stuff! Now, here’s a dare. Tell me what your favourite song was back in 1987.  I don’t care if it was a classic pub, rock song or a Kylie Mingoue,just tell me the truth! Gone on, I’ve bared my soul, bare yours!)


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  1. 1987 – to try and remember what I was doing in 1987…..
    I loved Final Countdown, Electric Blue, I think that was the year Hysteria by Def Leppard came out – loved that too.
    Crazy off Man Of Colours by Icehouse

    There’s a couple of those songs you still hear on radio -if you pick the right station but not in general rotation.

  2. Hmmm, 1987 I was 10 and my older sister used to listen to a lot of Prince and Ice House.

    But I do remember liking Bruce Springsteen because my teacher liked him and because I was given his Born in the USA album (vinyl). Love I’m on Fire and Dancing in the Dark.

    My older brother liked the Bangles so I listened to a lot of them.

    I also liked Culture Club and in 1987 it was God Thank You Woman.

    But I also liked a lot of songs out of this list:

  3. Let’s see. I was 16, loved (and still do) Bryan Adams, Bruce Springsteen, Glass Tiger, OMD.
    I played Electric Blue over and over and it’s still my favourite Icehouse song 🙂 I cried every time I listened to “Suddenly” ( remembering Scott & Charlene’s wedding…lol).

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