Looking for lambs


In Crimson Dawn, one of the characters, Thomas, talks of ‘sea of sheep’ stretching as far as the eye could see. I felt like this on Friday!

We had to run 4,000 ewes through the yards to get them preg-scanned.


Our vet travels the 100+ kilometres from town with his ultrasound wand and screen, we rung them down the race and Dave checks to see if they’re pregnant.

Sounds easy.

Well, it was about 35 degrees that day and sheep don’t like running when it’s hot! We had a couple of mobs that were ‘sticky’ and hard to get to run, but mostly, considering the heat, they all ran pretty well.

Dave actually scanning a ewe and showing you the little blip of a lamb inside it’s mum’s tummy!

We also had a special girl who needed to have a scan. Our beautiful Miss Meita. We had her Artificially Inseminated a few months ago. Our old dog, Law just can’t ‘do the business’ any more because his legs are buggered, but we’re desperate to keep this line going. Their hearts are as big as this whole world, when it comes to working and loving!  


We were really disappointed to find out Meita was pregnant – maybe next time. There were plenty of sheep who were, so in a few weeks, there will be babies running everywhere!


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