Lost Hill


We lost our hill this morning! The fog was so thick that when Anthony left to check the calving heifers, he wsn’t sure he’d be able to find them in the paddock, let alone check if there were any problems! Then, when I ventured out to go to the bus stop I could only see about ten metres in front of me!

But by the time I’d put the kids on the bus and raced back to the house to get my camera, most of the fog have moved away. We could see it drifting north and by nine o’clock it had basically cleared leaving everything wet and glistening.

When we get fog or low cloud our satellite dish for our internet doesn’t work, so I spent a few (well, a quite a few actually) trying to send a couple of emails to my publisher then gave up in disgust! I think mowing the back lawn is a better option than swearing at the computer this morning!

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