Magic, Misty May Mornings

Magic, misty mornings on the farm

My kids are learning about alliteration’s at the moment. According to their teacher, that means consecutive words starting with the same letter, hence the title of this blog! They came up with it.

Our mornings have been stunning recently; the fog seems to roll in about seven AM and you can literally see the tentacles of the cloud wrap themselves around the trees or drifting across the paddocks. I love May mornings (ha! There’s another one).

Fog creeping in over the cattle

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the sheep yards, since I got back from the Purple Roads tour – we’ve been marking lambs. I get to walk through this fog, as it descends on yards, feel the moisture on my face and the coolness it brings with it. There have been some mornings, as my fingers have plunged into the icy water, to grab the ear markers, my fingers have felt so cold, I didn’t think I could bend them!

We’ll be busy lamb marking for a few more months yet, with 7,100 pregnancy’s. Hopefully half of those pregnancy’s will be twins. Yup, lots of lambs!


lambs split from the ewes for lamb marking

This is a mob we marked on Friday – because we breed cross bred lambs, we don’t need to mulse, however, lambs need to be marked; one, for ownership and two, the tail needs to come off so it doesn’t get covered in poo and cause flies. These little ones are all done and are happy back in their paddocks bouncing and playing like nothing had ever happened to them and that’s they way we like it.

So think of me Monday morning. We’ve one thousand lambs to mark tomorrow and I can guarantee I’ll be very tired by tomorrow evening! What will you be doing on your Monday?

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  1. Getting son to town to remove stitches from face, taking photos of winner of heifer we offered for giveaway, washing and P&C meeting. Your fogs look gorgeous!!

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