Magic Mornings

Sun rise

Thursday presented itself as a big day. We had about one thousand lambs to mark.

The first thing about that statement is: I know my back is going to hurt. The second thing: ‘Are you we going to be able to get a mob that size in the yards?’ It’s a scary thought. Imagine one thousand ewes, being herded towards the yards, with one thousand lambs running in small mobs, in between the ewes, all the while wondering what is going on. Usually the ewes go in fine, but the lambs can sometimes take fright and run together in small mobs. If that happens, the ewes think that maybe their baby is that mob and so the chase the lambs. All hell breaks lose and it’s a bit of a circus.

Thankfully this didn’t happen. The girls went into the yards beautifully and obviously had brought their lambs up well, too, because they all trotted alongside their mums without fear. It was great.

Being such a big mob to do in one day, meant we had to be in the paddock by sunrise. These photos are the best part of the day!

love these views


On the way to work

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