Make hay while the sun shines!

A couple of weeks ago, we finished making our hay.

I love hay making time – the smell of hay curing is just divine; I’m sure it would be the best perfume you could buy, if only we could bottle it!

I really enjoy sitting in the ute, raking the hay into perfect lines for the hay baler . The corners are never easy to get ‘just so’, but every year I keep getting better!

The baler is fun to watch as well. It rumbles along the rows, like a hunger monster, swallowing the lines of golden hay. When it’s full, the machine stops for a couple of seconds, (while it puts the net wrap on) then spits out a huge golden egg! The kids love it as well and Hayden, who is a machine freak, can tell me what every alarm means – even over the two-way! Two beeps the baler is nearly full and one long one means it’s full and time to lay an egg!

The boring part is the carting time. Every single bale needs to be taken out of the paddock, before we can put stock back in there – no small task when there is over 2,000 rolls to cart! I do keep reminding myself that the cows will love me, come January and onwards!

It’s good thinking and plotting time, though.

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  1. Hi Fleur, thanks for leaving technical info from time to time on your blog. I am a city girl and have absolutely no idea whatsoever about how farming is done, how the machines work, the problems you encounter and what needs to get done when. I always love reading about it and I check your blog regularly. When I picture you out and about on your farm I always see wide spaces and immense skies. Thanks for opening a window.

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