Meet Harold


Have you ever read For better, for worse and for lunch by Christina Hindhaugh? It is the most hysterical book, based on a city dweller who marries a farmer and her experiences as she adjusts to farm life.

Christina has a character in there named Aunt Grace, or more aptly, Amazing Grace! Aunt Grace mentions that it is much better to be seen as an eccentric woman than a tardy housekeeper and suggests that if ever entertaining guest and a spider or mouse runs by, call it by name!

So, this massive huntsman spider, that turned up on my kitchen ceiling this morning, is Harold!

I’m hoping he’s just passing through, but you never know and since I share my house with a number of crawly critters (that often come in on the firewood or through tiny gaps around the windows). I’m quite used to them and they don’t bother me much!

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