Meet Meita

Meita (pronounced ‘metre’) is our new pup. We seem to have a few coming along don’t we?

Well unfortunately Buck and Hogget both were killed by snakes, last year, so the only working dog we have at the moment is Wally (also know as Law – our dogs have about five (nick) names but they come to all of them!)

Weazel is still learning the ropes, so we can’t rely on him yet and because Law is now eight, we need to get another working dog coming along quickly. When you run fifteen thousand sheep and work with them most days, a good working dog is essential – they often do the job of two men.

Meita is here not only as the new working dog, but to breed from as well. Wally’s genetics go back to our “legendry status dog” Roady and we’re really keen to keep his line going.

She actually had a very interesting trip to get to Esperance – she was dropped off at The Great Southern Sale Yards at Mount Barker, by the bloke who bred her and jumpped onto a truck. Steve (the drvier) very kindly looked after her until he drove back to Esperance where Rochelle’s teacher, Miss Butcher, picked her up from Steve and drove to Conding up for a normal school day. I then drove to school, picked her up and brought her home – that’s they way we do things in the country.

You might be wondering about her name. Well the boss was watching Weasel rounding up the sheep in the paddock and he always seemed go be about a metre short of where he needed to be. The boss is hoping that Meita won’t be the same!


Rocket, however, has his nose extremely out of joint. Meita has been sharing his house over the past week, while I get her kennel organised and he thinks that just isn’t on.

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  1. Meita is a cutie, love your pictures. Especially the canola flowers, I would think thats where canola oil comes from? Lol I don’t think the grow canola in NY? Or I’ve never seen them. Great blog like it a lot. 🙂

  2. Hi Montgomery, yep, Canola is where canola oil comes from – the plant produces tiny round black seeds that are crushed to make the oil. When you say NY, I assume you mean New York? I’m sure they don’t grow it in the city regions, but further out in the country and farming areas they would.

  3. Yep New York :), where I live (about an hour from the city) we do have lots of farming. Close by there is the black earth section of New York (Pine Island) which was once a prehistoric lake, they have found lots of Mastodons remains here. They now grow lots of onions and potatoes there. I’ll have to keep and eye out for the Canola.

  4. Lovely pup and pics, Fleur. Hope she turns out to be a winner for you – working and breeding! BTW – love your new look and profile pic on FB. 😉 xx

  5. Gorgeous pup, Fleur! And a gorgeous girl 🙂

    Had to laugh about the dogs answering to assorted nicknames – our two answer to ‘Girls’ – and to each other’s names, because if Tansy’s being called, Jaffa thinks there must be something good happening to be involved in, and vice versa 🙂

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