Meet Our Vet

Meet Dave. He’s our vet.

Dave lives a varied, exciting life and has many stories to tell! Like the cat that turned feral and shot into the roof, through a very small hole. They spent the best part of an hour running around the ceiling to get it out! There are many more hysterical tales!

Then there are the nasty jobs – animals that can’t be saved and devastated owners (I’ve been seen howling at the surgery more than once.)

But where we see Dave mostly is on the farm. He preg-tests all our sheep and cattle and keeps a general eye on the health and happiness of our stock.

Dressed like this, it can only mean that he’s been in the cattle yards. (The smell usually indicates that too!)

The wand he is holding has an ultrasound piece on the end – the sort that we would use on humans.   His eye piece is attached to the brim of his cap and he can see the calf inside the cow. The overalls, well they’re an important part of the uniform too – all that green stuff you can see? That’s cow poo!

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