Meita learns about sheep: A children’s story

Once upon a time, there was a very cute pup named Meita.

She lived on a farm that had lots of sheep. She didn’t know that one day it was going to be her job to chase them so mostly she had a lot of fun running around and playing with some human children and a Jack Russell.

One day, her owner decided it was time for Meita to get her first glance at sheep.

‘Bloody hell,’ Meita thought, as she was lifteddown from the ute and onto the ground. ‘I have no idea what those woolly looking things are, but geez they smell good.’ She put her nose in the air and had a good sniff before she realised something smelt even better on the ground… Poo!

‘Yum,’ she thought and started to tuck in.

‘No, Meita,’ the boss said.

‘But why?’ questioned Meita. ‘It’s tastes soooo yummy.’

‘No poo eating on this farm! Come on, it’s time to chase some sheep. Law will show you what to do.’



“Really?’ asked Meita in a questioning tone. ‘He seems like such a grumpy bugger. Okay, so what do we do? What do we do? What do we do?’ It was so exciting!

‘Kid, it aint so much fun when you’ve been doing it for eight years,’ Law muttered, as he started to run behind the ewes.

‘Oh is this what we do? Just run? Okay, I’ll just follow you,’ Meita said and trotted off behind Law.

But there were too many new things and Meita found it hard to concerntrate.  There were new smells, things to chew, fun to be had.

And being so little she found it very hard to see where she should be. So she decided to use Law as a lookout, but he really didn’t seem that keen. She couldn’t understand why, it was fun standing on her back legs and using him to steady herself.

The boss decided that this wasn’t getting the work done. Meita was distracting Law and the sheep wouldn’t walk back to their paddock.


Meita was a bit upset when the Boss put her back in the ute. She thought she’d been doing a great job.

But then again, she thought, it’s warm in here and I can have a sleep if I need to… Or watch the sheep sitting on the boss’s lap. Ah, now that last idea has merit!

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  1. Meita is cute enough to star in a children’s book. I can see a spin off of Meita toys, and Meita backpacks for the kidlets, and a Meita movie…

    1. Hi Annie, I was actually only joking about it being a kids story – I wrote it like a that, but with an adult twist (language). It isn’t published anywhere, just on my blog. But if you are relaly interested in buying a copy, I can readjust for children, get it printed (on A4 paper, with a cardboard cover) and send it to you.

  2. Hi Fleur,
    Loved the story and the Photos are absolutely amazing.
    She is a gorgeous little pup.
    Would love to read a story like that to my kids one day haha.


  3. Very hard working dogs 🙂 mine should be ashamed. All mine do are sleep and chase the cats and chickens from the yard and did I say sleep?

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