Meita’s first ute ride

There comes a time in every dog’s life, when they graduate to riding in the back of the ute.  Believe it or not there is a lot to learn about riding in the back of a wobbling, moving and bouncing piece of tin!

Meita the Kelpie Pup

Meita the Kelpie Pup on the back of the ute

We always tie our dogs on because no matter how seasoned a dog is, there is always the threat of a kangaroo bouncing out onto the road, or something similar, meaning the boss will have to slam on his breaks.

Now Meita is a cage dog, not a chain dog – she lives in a ‘bitches box’, or cage, not on a chain. So when it came to clipping her onto a very short chain, so she couldn’t fall out of the ute, or even over the side and strangle herself, she really didn’t like it! She pulled and pulled, trying to get away.

Then the fun started; a fast ride down the road, she saw things she’d never seen before like cattle and she got to spend a bit of time with the boss. By the end of the day, she really didn’t care about the chain; she was looking for her bed.

Meita the Kelpie Pup

Meita the Kelpie Pup after a hard day's work!

She was one tuckered out little dog.

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