Miss Meita and the chooks


Miss Meita is a gorgeous dog. In fact it’s been a while since a dog has stolen my heart the way she has. Oh, I love all dogs – they are my favourite animal, but Meita is special – almost as special as my Old Rexy.

But, she is mischievous! And maybe a bit naughty! I can never stay angry for long, but it’s best she doesn’t know that.

One thing I can’t stand is a dog chasing chooks. It’s too reminiscent of a fox killing chooks for my liking. I have been known to belt a dog with a (dead) chook if they have killed one – the dog rarely does it again, not that it’s helpful to the poor bird that has already passed away. It doesn’t hurt the dog, of course (or the chook!), but it usually scares the hell out of the dog, which is why that method works.

Meita has been chasing chooks.

Meita and the chooks

Meita and the chooks

Not good.

Or helpful.

And the best away to upset the Missus of the house.

Hayden caught her last weekend and called for me to help him stop her. I smacked her, told her NO and put her back in the cage.

We let her out the next day and the same thing happened – this time the chook flew into the rosemary bush with Meita just inches behind her. Once again a good solid smack and back in the cage.

Now my little Meita, who is very intelligent, has worked out quickly that she shouldn’t chase the chooks and so far (crossed fingers, touch wood and all of that) she hasn’t again.

But we’ll see…


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  1. Love this post, made me smile… beautiful pup doing what her heart is telling her too! Good luck with that, i’m sure she’ll be onto bigger and better things soon and will overlook what the chooks are up to. Maybe?! Just gorgeous 🙂

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