Missing in Action


Does anyone else’s washing machine eat socks? Sitting watching the cricket I decided it was time to attack the odd sock pile. that had been taunting me for about oh, maybe three years.

While fielding questions from Hayden: ‘What does ‘de but mean Mum?’ (debut!!), I tried to match pair after pair but the rotten sods kept thwarting my attempts.

By halfway through South Africa’s innings, I’d had enough and made for the kids room’s, looking under beds, behind book shelves and even found one on the light, where Hayden had kicked it.

I found only half of what was missing and after throwing them in the washing machine, I came out with one less than I put in! Goodness knows where that one went to!

Thankfully due to the closeness of the one-dayer, I was able to distract myself from my new found obsession, now these poor partnerless socks may have a bad outcome … like the rubbish bin.

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