Mist and Cobwebs


Today has been one of those really odd days where nature just seems to throw one amazing thing after another at us!

A few mornings ago, just as I was putting the kids on the bus, a thick, heavy mist rolled in from… nowhere!

It had dawned a drizzly early morning, then cleared quickly, but by 8:00am, if you were in the fog, you wouldn’t have been able to see out of it! There is a saying that Esperance has four seasons in one day – I think today we only managed three!

Then, after a day in front of the computer, updating the farm books, I went to help Anthony get some of the stud cows in for our AI program.

The spiders in the district had gone berserk weaving their webs and leaving them, all over the grass, trees and animals.

This happens quite a few times a year and when the webs start to blow away, they can entangle you, leaving you feeling as if you need to keep wiping your face, long after they’re gone!


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