Misty Mornings

Misty mornings bring meaningful memories.

I love misty mornings – especially ones that take you by surprise. I had been hanging an early load of washing out, when I walked around the front of the house to see a light mist rolling in from behind the hill.

My thought was: ‘Wow. Look at that. Amazing!’ My second thought was ‘Oh, Ned would have loved that.’

For those of you who don’t know, my friend Ned succumbed to breast cancer in June last year. So it’s just over twelve months since her death and I still feel it as keenly as I did then. Maybe that’s because she loved the outdoors as much as I do, especially the beach and whenever we head to Thomas River, I can’t help but think of her and feel so sad for her two little boys and husband.

I also lost another friend last year to breast cancer – Bev and before having my own friends suffer with it, Belinda Emmett’s battle resonated strongly with me. I don’t watch Home and Away and I didn’t know her.  That wasn’t why I followed her fight. It was because she was my age and I often wondered what separated us – why did she get it at her age and I didn’t? When she died, I was shattered.

At the moment I have three extended family members battling cancer – the youngest fighting breast cancer is 32.

What I really want this blog to do is make you aware of your own breasts, your own health.

As women we are the glue to our families – owe it to, not just ourselves, but our friends and families to be aware of our health.

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