Misty Mornings


There is another old wives tale about mist and rain – I think I’ve shared a couple of sayings already with you – this will be another!

If there is a misty morning it’s supposed to rain in ninety days. Now I guess some of you will snort at that, but I’m here to tell you that it’s true!

I can’t tell you how much rain you’ll receive, but whether it’s misty drizzle or steady soaking rain, it comes in ninety days.

Anthony and I have documented the fogs over the past five years and it’s pretty much on the money of ninety day rains.

This photo was taken a few years ago and I seem to remember we got about an inch after this fog.

After the crappy season of last year, we’re eagerly awaiting to see a few mists, but we’re hoping the opening rains will be before May/early June, which is where ninety days would put us now.

Opening rains would be fabulous at the end of March or early April, just so long as it keeps raining once it’s starts. But I guess we’ll just take it when it comes.

Mother Nature is in control… thankfully!

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