Modern Technology…

… is great when it works! And it’s even better for farmers who are a fair way out of town and need something as soon as they can get it.

We’ve borrowed a scarifier from a friend and we need to get some points for it – points are the bits that dig into the ground and turn the dirt up and what this photo, is of.

Trouble is we’re having trouble telling the dealer what sort the points are. As you can see, they’re a bit rusted and all the part numbers have been worn off by the work they’ve already done.

That’s where the digital camera comes in handy. I take the photos, email them in and bingo! The ‘Parts Bloke’ can compare them to the pictures on his parts computer, order the right ones and we’ll them in no time.

Getting the right sort is really important, otherwise the job won’t be done well. Not holding the tractor up, is vital as well – we only have a small time frame that scarifying will be possible (too much rain and we won’t be able to get on the paddock, too little and we can’t start.) Getting the parts we need this way, ensures neither of those problems will happen.

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