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planning Emerald Pool

planning Emerald Pool


There’s a saying that goes something like: ‘There is nothing more contestant than change’.

Especially when it comes to book titles!

This new book I’m writing has had quite a few.

It started off as Emerald Bluff, which I really loved – the play on words (deceive) and the images a wild rock face conjured up. Then I found out Karly Lane’s new book is titled Gemma’s Bluff. That sort of put pay to that title.

My friend, Carolyn and I have been throwing around titles every since. White Gold, Emerald Ridge… I know there was heaps of others, but I can’t remember what they all were.

None of them fitted what I wanted.

A freak conversation with Carolyn’s step-mum, Chrissie netted us gold.

So I can now tell you the new title is Emerald Pool. Or Pools. Haven’t quite decided on that yet!

With a six weekend deadline and quite a few personal upheavals, it’s going to be tight going to finish this book, but I will doing my absolute best!

As a little by-the-by my lovely Stock Squad detective Dave Burrows makes quite a large appearance in this book. I’ve always felt Dave has a story and I’m really excited about what I’m creating for him.

Do you like the new title?

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  1. Sounds lovely. I have wondered what Dave’s story was since you first mentioned him. Look forward to reading it 🙂

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