Stunning morning

Stunning morning

I am not a “greeny”, by any stretch of the imagination. However I do believe we are only custodians for our land, which means we need to hand it on the the next generation in a better condition than what we were given in it.

I do, however, LOVE to commune with nature. This time of the year, it’s pretty easy to tell what the day is going to be like by the mornings.

trucking3I love taking a coffee outside in the morning, just before dawn. Sit quietly and muse on what the day is going to hold, mentally write my to-do list and just be at one with nature.

It is a favourite thing to do, but doesn’t happen often. Still, I can sort of do it anywhere (even if I don’t have a coffee!).

Imagine: crisp, cold morning. Not a breath of wind and, because it’s so calm, noise travels a great distance. We can hear the neighbours dogs barking (no mean feat, since they live about four kilometres away!), the gums trees are permeating the beautiful smell of eucalyptus and the dew drops of the sheep yards are sparkling in the post-dawn light.

As I climb over the yards, the water soaks into my jeans and the tips of my fingers start to go numb.

trucking2The jet streams don’t move in the still atmosphere.

Well that’s how it was when we loaded our beautiful girls up the other morning. These Border X Merino ewes have been out on agistment and it was time for them to come home. They’re chock-a-block full of lambs – twins mostly – and are in such good nick. They’re happy and healthy and the way they tried to take the yards “out” when we ‘yarded’ them, shows they have a lot more energy than I did, when I was pregnant!

It was one of the best mornings I’ve spent in a long while. Are you a morning person?


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  1. I always was a morning person until recently, working at night and the city does that too you I guess, but even so when a morning dawns all golden, a bit cooler with birds squawking and not many people moving I love them again. I love the morning you painted, so beautiful. I also love the photos. There is just something about the quiet, the closeness to nature that the morning can bring that helps prepare you for the day. I also think you are right we are custodians and so the land is there and useful for future generations we need to look after it.

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