Mount Ragged challenge


I was talking to a mate last week and she asked me what I was up to for Easter. We hadn’t planned to do a lot, since the heifers were calving and we couldn’t leave them for long.

It seems I lied! See this large rock in the distance? We went to visit it!

2009_0411raggardtrip0011After an unexpected phone call from some mates, we hurriedly threw together our swags, some food, the barbie, some Easter eggs , a few beers and loaded up the ute! We headed out to Mount Ragged, about an hour’s drive from where we live.

Our friends, it seemed, had a death wish. They wanted to climb this ‘hill’ that is pure mountain goat country! 585 metres high with a track that basically goes straight up, not a gently rising climbing track that exceptionally unfit people like me could handle! This was for the experts!

The kids seemed to fly up it, while the adults wheezed, puffed and sweated bucket loads to get up there. But getting up there in the end was the easy bit! Coming down, it felt like your toes were about to poke through the end of your shoe and you had to be really careful that your foot didn’t slip out from under you on the loose rocks.

This blog will be continued with more photos and tales of woe, once I recover and all my sore bits mend!

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