Music, the universal language

I love music and I think this image is such a good reflection of how I feel when I listen to it – all emotions and thoughts and love and hate and fear all mixed up into one loud bar of stirring sound.

It doesn’t matter what sort it is; country, piano, rap, popular. If the lyrics and tune make me feel something, then I usually love it.

When I was a kid, I’d have the music I loved, Icehouse or Kenny Rogers or Slim Dusty up as loud as I could while I was studying. Mum used to tell me off.

‘How can you concentrate with that noise going on?’ was her favourite saying.

Well, I could back then. Sometimes I hear the music, sometimes I wouldn’t, but it would keep me grounded and I’d feel it.

Funnily enough, I find I say the same things to my kids now – it must have something to do with your age!

In my new book, Where the River Runs, Chelsea’s great- granda says: “There is a piece of music for every emotion.” I very much believe this.

I’ve been known to have massive emotional highs and lows while listening to music. Fire and the Flood, Shine, Riptide, Hold back the River, Raise your Glass, Beautiful Trauma – all songs which I love and make me feel happy.

Then there’s the ones which have so much meaning and they hurt (depending on your mood) when you listen to them: Style, Silent House, Dress.

I’ve been know to be on the floor sobbing, listening to Ed Sheeran’s Photograph and sending text messages I later wish I hadn’t! (Haven’t we all done that!)

Then there’s the ones which make you feel powerful: Brave, Hero’s. Whenever I’m frightened and need a bit of a lift, I listen to these types of songs. Empowerment!

Recently I’ve discovered a few new alternative types of artists which I’m happy to sit and listen to over and over and over again. Garrett Kato is one and Amy Shark another.

Amy’s latest album as certainly grabbed my attention – especially ‘All Loved Up’ and ‘I Said Hi’.

If you haven’t heard them, then take a listen:


What’s your favourite music our song and why?

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  1. I’m loving Amy Shark lately too, I heard her sing I Said Hi the other week and was hooked.

    Music is so important. Pink is one I love especially her new album. I’m also a big country fan. There’s always a song for how I’m feeling.

    1. I totally agree that music can very emotional. I am a 70’s pop tragic so I always go back to that era in my playlists. A little while back, I came across Lukas Graham and I played his whole album repeatedly for many weeks on Spotify. He is a storyteller but the tunes are great too.

  2. Totally agree I love my country music but I also love listening to Jimmy Barnes as it takes me back to my teenage years up loud in my room trying to make sense of my homework, while John Farnham reminds me of time spent with my Grandma.
    I love how PiNK’s songs all seem to tell a tale that we can easily relate to
    My son Laurence & I love singing along (very badly much to his dads disgust ??) to Luke Bryan so hopefully in years he can say that Luke’s songs reminds him of times spent with me

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