My Favourite Job


I love shifting stock. It’s great fun just slowly wondering them down the laneway to the paddock or yards. It’s where I do a lot of my planning for writing and because I’m outside, right in middle of my inspiration.

It’s where I get most of my ‘light bulbs’ ideas. I never leave home without my scribble pad and pen and sometimes I find myself writing whole chapters in longhand.

The best thing about these laneways, is that I don’t really have to watch the stock.

They make there own way and because they are guided by the fences on either side of them, they keep walking, and I keep scribbling, until they reach an open gate and in they go!

Of course, the boss, (woof on wheels) Rex keeps an eye on me and lets me know if I’m not noticing something I should. Oh and by the way, Rexy is wearing a muzzle because we produce prime lambs.

If a dog accidentally bites the sheep on the hock, it downgrades the quality of the carcase. It’s not nice for sheep either!

Our dogs don’t bite anything (sheep, cattle or humans, in fact they’re more likely to lick you death than anything!) but they all wear muzzles so there’s no chance that they could slip up.

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