My mate Ned


About three and a half years ago, my friend Ned rang me to tell me she had breast cancer. I was stunned. Gutted. How could she? She was only 40 and had two very young children.

Ned’s personality was larger than life and that was the way she treated every hurdle she ever faced.

She was always positive, and even throughout the most horrendous treatment, she smiled and laughed.

We occasionally cried together but only at her exceptionally low times throughout the chemo. It never once crossed her mind that she wouldn’t beat this terrible disease.

She had two years of great health, the checkups were just precautionary. In October of last year the cancer returned and this time, the doctors couldn’t do anything. There were secondaries that couldn’t be operated on.

Today Ned died, leaving behind a devastated husband and two young boys. As well as leaving a hole in their life, she’s left a gap in all of her friends lives.

Ned was passionate about prevention of both breast and prostate cancer.

So please, if you are reading this and you haven’t been to the doctor for a while, please go. Have a ‘100,000k check up, grease and oil change, and a boob check’, as Ned would’ve called it, or a prostate one.

If between Ned and I, we can save one person’s life, that’s all we could ask for.

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  1. Fleur this is a beautiful tribute to Ned. It is sad that it is stories of people like Ned that may wake up the rest of us – however the upside is that you may well save another life because you are vocal.

  2. My dear Fleur, I am lost for words at your loss. My heart and love goes out to you and Ned’s family. Treasure your memories of this beautiful and courageous friend.
    Love and many hugs,

  3. Many Sympathies Fleur, So sad. I agree re the importance of check-ups , I’ve just been diagnosed with the prostate version! Hopefully in time…. meanwhile my thoughts are with yourself and Ned’s loved ones. Trev.

  4. Trev, I am devestated to hear your news. I pray that everything will go well with you – please let me know how you are.

    Thanks to all the other girls for your sympathies, I have passed all the thoughts on to Ned’s family.


  5. Fleur, thank you, thank you..not a sparrow falls without He sees it. So far I am symptom free and feeling fine… first dose of the Androgen Suppressant Therapy tomorrow and after Christmas the Radiation stuff begins.. I’ve uploaded that lovely photo of yours I mentioned, and if all goes well I’ll turn it into an oil painting. I spent time in that part of the world as a teen-ager, to the detriment of the kangaroo population… they may be about to have their revenge! If I can finish the picture it’s yours, never mind the price. Thanks for your thoughts. Best regards, Trev.

  6. Hi Trev, your first line is so right and keep at the front of your mind the Footprints poem. I’ll keep you in my prayers.
    Thanks also for the thought of the oil painting – I hope you get to start and finish!
    Make sure you keep in touch. Fleur

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