My New Friends


Anthony and I went to a 40th birthday recently and we were really privileged to make some new friends. The invitation stated Aussie icon’s only, but no streakers. We thought that was fair enough, considering the forecast was cold.

2009_0328birthday0146Kylie Mole, B1, B2 and the Original Aussie Farmer were the first few we came across. Then we met Pat Cash, who was able to do a personality change when he took off his hair. He turned into Andre Agassi!

We met Victor Lawn Mower and the Hills-hoist clothesline complete with bright pink bra’s and knickers pegged on the line. There was quite a few from Australia Zoo, including the croc’s while Paul Hogan made a guest appearance.

Really all in all, two humble farmers were exceptionally honoured to be amongst such stars for one night!

Happy 40th Block!

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  1. It was a great night but we were the lucky ones to be at a party with such an amazing to be aussie icon/author as you.

  2. What a great party! We just had a rock icon dress up at our cricket club, John as Johnny Cash and me as June Carter. There were two Angus’ from ACDC and another Johnny Cash! Too slack to take pics though! I wonder if you will wear your B1 suit for your launch Fleur! It’s very fetching!
    Rach Treasure x

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