My Purple Road Map

This is my road map for Purple Roads.

I’ve begun to link the book together by scenes and characters. Anna is in the orange texta and Matt in the green. Every time they pop into another characters scene, I write their name in their colour so I can see straight away that they are involved in that section too.

Sounds confusing? Well actually it’s not and I’ve found that it’s the easiest way for me to write the book, without getting confused and forgetting what I had planned.

When I wrote Red Dust, I was writing blind. I didn’t think about trying to draw the whole book up on a few pieces of butchers paper. And I only used this method in the last half of Blue Skies, but, boy it made such a difference. It’s an easy reference guide.  I can just glance at the paper, looking for colour and I can follow it quickly and easily.

One of the benefits from meeting other authors is exchanging ideas. I’m really pleased I picked up and tried this one, because it’s working really well for me!

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  1. Fleur, you have no idea how much this helps… actually, on second thoughts, you obviously DO know!! I have so many ideas running through my head for my first novel and I was saying to my husband the other day that I need to plan it out and jot down all my ideas, rather than go straight to the computer and write. I was thinking of putting some butchers paper on the wall and drawing it all up… it’s great to see this ‘in action’ and know that it works!

    Thank you!

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  3. Hi Fleur

    Well I bought Purple Roads almost the minute it was out. I thought I had hinted enough to get it as a gift, but no such luck!!

    So I bought it and devoured this one too. I really enjoy your writing, thank you for a few hours of escapism (‘cos that’s about how long it took me to read it….no actually a little bit more than a few hours – just wanted to escape in the visuals created by the prose)

    I was just over in Perth a month ago, my first visit to WA. Gorgeous, soooo want to go back to have a better look, as I was there for work and didn’t get much of a chance to look around.

    thanks Terese

    1. Thanks for letting me know, Terese – I’m so pleased they gave you a bit of escape – that’s why I love reading too!

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