New Competition – Purple Roads

We’re having a new competition! Check out these photos – they’re of my friend, Kate.

What we want you to do, now that Blue Skies has hit the shelves, is take photos (only decent ones – don’t want to see you sitting on the loo!) of you reading Blue Skies. You either need to post them on my FB Fan page (link on the right side bar) or send me an attachment on the email that is available here on the site. We’ll run the comp until the end of June, so you’ve got loads of time to get your set up just right!

The winner will get a pre-release copy of Purple Roads (I know it’s a long way off yet, but I have a good memory and won’t forget to send it you!)

Really looking forward to seeing where you all read your books!

If you want to get a discount on Blue Skies, make sure you buy it through the A&U website and use the code FLEURFAN10. This is available until the end of April!

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  1. Hi,

    This isn’t about the competition, but I didn’t know where to post!

    Is Blue Skies going to be available in ebook soon?

    I prefer print books, but I like having a ebook available during the working day! It also means I can reread without destroying my nice paper copy!

  2. Hi Raini

    I actually don’t know the answer to that one! I’ll have to check with my publishers and get back to you next week sometime.

    Happy Easter!

  3. Thanks!

    I’ve bought it and downloaded it now.

    It’s actually very cheap at Books on Board, which is an American store, so I’m not sure what’s going on there! That’s where I found Red Dust. Now I have both to distract me at work!

    By the way, we were driving into a carpark in the city in Canberra yesterday evening and came across a big billboard advertising Blue Skies! My family thought I was weird when I got excited…

  4. Whoops – I should clarify. I’ve bought Blue Skies in ebook form from Books on Board. I thought I’d check there just in case – they seem to have everything at that site.

  5. I really like your story of Red Dust and cant wait to read Blue Skies and enter the competion with a photo but just wanted to tell you that you are reading the exact same books as me at the moment hows that for coincidence. I hope to go through Wagga in the next few weeks so hope to see you there at book signing……..what date are you expected in wagga.

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