Next book club meeting

Book club meeting at 10:00am WST to discuss The Bark Cutters by Nicole Alexander.

More info:

  1. A week before we meet, could you email me any questions for the author.
  2. On the day as we start, I will put up the first question and the author will answer. Once she has done this, then I’ll open it up for you all asking if you’ve got anything else you’d like to ask, on the topic that the question was based. If so, we’ll answer them then and there and then, I’ll put up the next question. We’ll do this for about fifty minutes.
  3. For the last ten minutes of the hour, questions can be from people who love to and want to be writers to the author.

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  1. HI Fleur. I have a couple of questions for Nicole Alexander. I am interested to know more about your choice of title for the book “The Bark Cutters”. Is it a deeper or more historic reference based on the endurance of the buildings/homestead created from the stripped timber or the historical importance of the skill? Also, does Nicole have another book on the way. Cheers. Jane

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